Friday, March 30, 2012

Cutie Meow Smartphone Cover

Loooong time didn't write a new post already. ^ ^ Time pass by quickly, almost pass a quarter of year 2012. Many things have been happen in these not long, but also not too short 3 months. So, all of you already start your "engine" to achieve your goals for this year? Hehe.... It's time!(^O^)


Meow~ Cute? Haha.... But sometimes I think it's look like a rat. >.< I should sew buttons on it as a pair eyes for this cutie, then sew mouth and mustache too. Hmmm..... I'm a lazy cat, so don't expect me to do that. Lol, please forgive my laziness (*´◡`*)

Other side of cutie

It's really easy to do this cutie, just the fluffy yarn make it difficult to crochet it. I'm using single crochet to do this cover. First, use single crochet skills to crochet the base fit with your phone. Then, just crochet and crochet with the same number of times in each rows until the length you like, cut the yarns.

While that ears, I do 4 times single crochet, then turn it over to do 3 times single crochet, turn over again crochet 2 times single crochet, and so on until 1 time crochet. Those ears size can be adjust depends on the number of crochet.

Lastly is the tail. Just do single crochet until the length you like. Done. 〜 

Sweet Fluffy, Color No. 12

This is the yarn I used. I buy it at Daiso Japan store. Refer to the description, it is known as sweet fluffy space dye braid yarn types (so long the name). The first time look at this color, my mind link to..... Marshmallow! Yummy *.* I want eat that yarn already. So why I said this fluffy yarn make it hard to crochet? Because those fluffy threads already block my blur blur eye vision to see where the crochet hole that I crochet (I'm short sight). So I have to use my hook to touch the uneven crochet yarn and sense it to find the hole. Haiz... It's difficult to describe my situation, once you try, then you know what I mean. Or maybe I'm too stubborn?
(´°̥﹏°̥ `)

My little cutie, Heebum?

Usually I'm use Picasa to edit my pictures. Now Picasa already updated, so my picture now can add frame for it. Hehe.... Picnic also nice, but slow for me. ; ) 

The End


  1. Hahaa... I like cats actually. And I would like a kitty cover for my phone. But I want a more manly kitty. Ada ka tu? Wakakaa.

    Happy weekend!

  2. ^^ Thank you for take a glance on my blog.. I will crochet one then post it here... I will inform u :)