Friday, January 6, 2012

Skully Candy Bag

Hei Hey! Happy New Year~*
It's a brand new year, I'm very very very sure all of us have been make a wonderful wish and new target in our own heart for year 2012. Hehe....
Owh, please don't make those unrealistic dream like me...(´◉౪◉`)

Okay! For those who understanding me well sure know that I'm K-Pop fans, especially FT Island!
I'm so happy when heard them going to have a concert "PLAY! FT ISLAND" on 14th of January in Stadium Negara, Malaysia. Wooots!
Really hope they can have fun at here... I know that Primadonna at here not as many as in others country, but our support to them won't lose to others country in Primadonna! ^ ^ 
Sob sob... Sad I can't go to their only concert in Malaysia, can come to Sabah? Lol. (An unrealistic dream...) ~♫

Primadonna sure know that FT Island is skull pattern lovers. Me, as a Primadonna also get some influence by them. Haiz....

Inside of candy bag

Wooo~ Mabelbaobao said this picture very scary... Lol. This is how inside of the skull candy bag look. 1st time crochet a pattern. It's really new for me... Actually very exciting when doing this. Although a bit trouble need to use 2 threads at the same time and need to calculate accurately to make sure the pattern not crochet wrong. As a beginner like me, quite hard at the beginning, need to try many times then just can catch up how to make it more nicely. After you know how to do it, the fun feeling start unconsciously. ( ఠ‿ఠ )

Skull pattern inside of the candy bag
Let's look clearly the skull pattern inside of the candy bag... It's a bit difference compare to outside of the skull pattern. Let's take a glance! ( •́ ⍨ •̀)?

Skull pattern outside of the candy bag
Difference right? Outside skull look more prettier. Haha... Actually inside skull pattern also look very nice if  my crochet skill can be more better. So thin my skull. Kekeke.... Here is the link of the tutorial for this skull candy bag:;newreg=1&r=1

Bottom of skull candy bag
It's free, just sign in then you may get the pattern. Really free.... Actually this candy bag is use in Halloween day for trick or threat, but after see that tutorial, my hand too itchy, want to do it. My colleague suggest to use it as a water bottle cover.... ✧⃛*

Skully Candy Bag
Lastly, thank you for those who read my blog until the end. After write blog for 4 months, I realised that writing a blog sometimes not that easy, need to think how to write in more interesting ways to attract more readers, more followers. Topic important too! Although now I'm only have 4 followers, I'm promise that in this year I will work more harder to improve my blog and increase my followers. A bunch of thanks to all my colleague (Especially Mei Tzeu, Mabelbaobao) and friends who help me. I'm really appreciate it.
Thank you! 谢谢! 감사합니다! ありがとう!Gratias ago vos! Terima kasih! cảm ơn bạn! ขอบคุณครับ спасибо! gracias! நன்றி! salamat sa iyo! 
Target for this year: 10 followers. Lol...