Monday, April 30, 2012

Triangle kitty key chain ✩

Hot summer ah hot hot summer!
Huh~ This few days weather very hot. I'm burning and sweating now~~
May is coming already, I'm very sure everywhere audit firm are in peak period time!
Those who have taking exam in study leave now must be trying hard to squeeze knowledge in da brain now!
Everyone now must take care yourself. If sick is self painful. >.<   

Last month I went to Damai with my colleague and I brought this at Rinko ^ ^

Cross Stitch Accessories
It's cross stitch! Wow... I never thought cross stitch can be do it like this. There's a lot of choices at that shop and this is the easiest since my sewing skills are soooooo bad. I buy that cross stitch patterns RM 9.00 and those threads is RM 1.00 ++ each. Let's look at my handwork. ☂ (•ˆ⌣ˆ​​​​• ✿ )

My kitties
Hehe... three kitties chatting there ^ ^ Meow~~ I used black cross stitch fabric instead of white. I buy it from Meelo long ago and it's cheap because it's leftover cross stitch fabric. Sorry, I forget the price already. (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)

Side of triangle kitties
The other side of triangle kitties is love stitch :-). Ah...My stitch sewing skills still have to be improve more >....<

Bottom of triangle kitties key chain
Here's the bottom of triangle kitties key chain. It's a kitty footstep. I'm also sewing name on it too.

Closer look
Let's look closer on kitties patterns. The key chain holder I bought it from Daiso Japan. Sure is RM5. Hehe.... Ahh... I really hope can picture the patterns to share it here, but it has copyright. : ( So for those who interest to do it, can leave your e-mail then I will send the patterns to you privately. ( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒)  

Photograph by Rui Jing
Iphone 4S camera really different wor, 8 megapixel. Mabelbaobao is Iphone 3. Hmm... Maybe I should use Rui Jing smartphone to take pictures. Sorry Mabelbaobao

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cutie Meow Smartphone Cover

Loooong time didn't write a new post already. ^ ^ Time pass by quickly, almost pass a quarter of year 2012. Many things have been happen in these not long, but also not too short 3 months. So, all of you already start your "engine" to achieve your goals for this year? Hehe.... It's time!(^O^)


Meow~ Cute? Haha.... But sometimes I think it's look like a rat. >.< I should sew buttons on it as a pair eyes for this cutie, then sew mouth and mustache too. Hmmm..... I'm a lazy cat, so don't expect me to do that. Lol, please forgive my laziness (*´◡`*)

Other side of cutie

It's really easy to do this cutie, just the fluffy yarn make it difficult to crochet it. I'm using single crochet to do this cover. First, use single crochet skills to crochet the base fit with your phone. Then, just crochet and crochet with the same number of times in each rows until the length you like, cut the yarns.

While that ears, I do 4 times single crochet, then turn it over to do 3 times single crochet, turn over again crochet 2 times single crochet, and so on until 1 time crochet. Those ears size can be adjust depends on the number of crochet.

Lastly is the tail. Just do single crochet until the length you like. Done. 〜 

Sweet Fluffy, Color No. 12

This is the yarn I used. I buy it at Daiso Japan store. Refer to the description, it is known as sweet fluffy space dye braid yarn types (so long the name). The first time look at this color, my mind link to..... Marshmallow! Yummy *.* I want eat that yarn already. So why I said this fluffy yarn make it hard to crochet? Because those fluffy threads already block my blur blur eye vision to see where the crochet hole that I crochet (I'm short sight). So I have to use my hook to touch the uneven crochet yarn and sense it to find the hole. Haiz... It's difficult to describe my situation, once you try, then you know what I mean. Or maybe I'm too stubborn?
(´°̥﹏°̥ `)

My little cutie, Heebum?

Usually I'm use Picasa to edit my pictures. Now Picasa already updated, so my picture now can add frame for it. Hehe.... Picnic also nice, but slow for me. ; ) 

The End

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blessing Candy Bag

每栋高楼大厦 每个人的爱疯                    (每条大街小巷 每个人的嘴里)
发送第一短信 就是红包拿来                    (见面第一句话 就是恭喜恭喜)
工作已到尽头 正是好的消息                    (冬天已到尽头 正是好的消息)
闷热的天气 就要热醒市民                        (温暖的春风 就要吹醒大地)

快点快点快点你呀 买完年货回家去        (恭喜恭喜恭喜你呀 恭喜恭喜恭喜你)
快走快走快走我呀 红包不够share给你    (恭喜恭喜恭喜你呀 恭喜恭喜恭喜你)
Happy Dragon Year~*
Hehehe.... Where my Ang Bao?
Give me give me more, give me more, give me give me more~♪
Ang Bao not enough lah! Haha... (Never enough before....) ¥_¥

Blessing candy bag
Hmm... Seems familiar right? Kekeke.... Actually it's same as skully candy bag I made before. I just change the crochet picture. So for those who curious how to crochet it, please refer to my previous post, skully candy bag. (っ◕‿◕)っ

Blessing word chart
So I just change the skull chart to blessing word chart. I get the above chart from this blessing stitch resource. I zoom in the picture and figure it out. Owh... That previous skully candy bag I now using it to put my nails art stuff. (´ε` )

Golden ball chain

Golden ball chain
While this small golden ball chain I found it in my house drawer. Lol. Actually I'm want to use a ribbon as a handle, but I changed my mind after saw this small golden ball. Well, the handle depends on yourself, not must use this golden ball chain as handle. My mom said she buy it from Lido shop. I think anywhere also have sell this when near Chinese New Year. (≧∇≦)o

Inside is like this. Haha... Same as the skully candy bag. The bottom looks like there is a flower pattern.... Pretty mah?  

Happy Chinese New Year
Phewitt~* So pretty that woman. Kekeke..... New year new wish? I wish..... I wish....... Dunno eh. Haha... I hope this year can learn Korean language until can read FT Island Twitter? Ahahah... Joking joking....
Yesterday FT Island just release Grown-Up - FT Island 4th Mini Album  . Hehe... Please support them!  {{(>_<;)}}

贺新年 祝新年 新年啊 年连年 (贺新年 祝新年 新年啊 年连年)
恭祝大家 过着好龙年                  (爆竹声声 催着想幼年)
贺新年 祝新年 新年啊 年连年 (贺新年 祝新年 新年啊 年连年)
红包多多 钱更多多                      (岁月悠悠 光阴似箭)
回头打开红包 痛苦抓拳              (回首往事如烟 痛苦辛酸)
期望越高 得到越少                      (期望从今 万事如愿)
贺新年 祝新年 新年啊 年连年 (贺新年 祝新年 新年啊 年连年)
愿大家都中到 Toto....                   (愿大家都过个太平年)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Skully Candy Bag

Hei Hey! Happy New Year~*
It's a brand new year, I'm very very very sure all of us have been make a wonderful wish and new target in our own heart for year 2012. Hehe....
Owh, please don't make those unrealistic dream like me...(´◉౪◉`)

Okay! For those who understanding me well sure know that I'm K-Pop fans, especially FT Island!
I'm so happy when heard them going to have a concert "PLAY! FT ISLAND" on 14th of January in Stadium Negara, Malaysia. Wooots!
Really hope they can have fun at here... I know that Primadonna at here not as many as in others country, but our support to them won't lose to others country in Primadonna! ^ ^ 
Sob sob... Sad I can't go to their only concert in Malaysia, can come to Sabah? Lol. (An unrealistic dream...) ~♫

Primadonna sure know that FT Island is skull pattern lovers. Me, as a Primadonna also get some influence by them. Haiz....

Inside of candy bag

Wooo~ Mabelbaobao said this picture very scary... Lol. This is how inside of the skull candy bag look. 1st time crochet a pattern. It's really new for me... Actually very exciting when doing this. Although a bit trouble need to use 2 threads at the same time and need to calculate accurately to make sure the pattern not crochet wrong. As a beginner like me, quite hard at the beginning, need to try many times then just can catch up how to make it more nicely. After you know how to do it, the fun feeling start unconsciously. ( ఠ‿ఠ )

Skull pattern inside of the candy bag
Let's look clearly the skull pattern inside of the candy bag... It's a bit difference compare to outside of the skull pattern. Let's take a glance! ( •́ ⍨ •̀)?

Skull pattern outside of the candy bag
Difference right? Outside skull look more prettier. Haha... Actually inside skull pattern also look very nice if  my crochet skill can be more better. So thin my skull. Kekeke.... Here is the link of the tutorial for this skull candy bag:;newreg=1&r=1

Bottom of skull candy bag
It's free, just sign in then you may get the pattern. Really free.... Actually this candy bag is use in Halloween day for trick or threat, but after see that tutorial, my hand too itchy, want to do it. My colleague suggest to use it as a water bottle cover.... ✧⃛*

Skully Candy Bag
Lastly, thank you for those who read my blog until the end. After write blog for 4 months, I realised that writing a blog sometimes not that easy, need to think how to write in more interesting ways to attract more readers, more followers. Topic important too! Although now I'm only have 4 followers, I'm promise that in this year I will work more harder to improve my blog and increase my followers. A bunch of thanks to all my colleague (Especially Mei Tzeu, Mabelbaobao) and friends who help me. I'm really appreciate it.
Thank you! 谢谢! 감사합니다! ありがとう!Gratias ago vos! Terima kasih! cảm ơn bạn! ขอบคุณครับ спасибо! gracias! நன்றி! salamat sa iyo! 
Target for this year: 10 followers. Lol...