Friday, October 21, 2011

Mini Mini Coin Pouch

Annyeong~* Almost 2 weeks didn't write blog. >.< Too many things to do. Haha... Really wor. Erm... I want to share that one of my favourite Korean band released new mini album on 10 October 2011! It's a remake album, named as Memory In FT Island. Here's the link for one of their song in this album,
Hmm... Hope you all will like it. You all can hear it and read my post at the same time! Actually this mini album songs all are not their own songs, that why called remake album. They remake those old Korea songs. For more information about FT Island, please Wiki Wiki! ~♬

To celebrate FT Island new "mini" album, so I make a "mini" coin pouch (Lie... =.=). LOL. Please don't trust me.... Have a look please (*^◯^*)

Mini Coin Pouch

Very mini mini leh. Haha. Cute mah? Those purple-red-white buttons can buy it at Daiso Japan, there have many choices, very hard to choose, all are very pretty, buy all? Out of my budget! While those rings, can buy at Meelo, quite cheap (I think?), RM 1.00 can buy few of it, depends on the size of ring.(o^ ^o)

Bottom of mini coin pouch

What these? Lol. Those mini coin pouch bottom lor. Yup. Firstly, do a few single crochet then connect it with a single crochet, it will become a circle, then start to crochet it with a half double crochet. Sorry, my explanation is too simple, for those who are interest to make it, please click the link below for full version of tutorial: ( ̄ー ̄)
Actually I'm also refer to this video to do too! Thank to uploader, bobwilson123 for make this easy to understand video. ^.^ I just remake it only. Oh No! What should I do? I'm too addicted to FT Island. (*´ο`*)

Half double crochet pattern

Let's zoom in to see more clearly half double crochet pattern. This is my first time to learn half double crochet! Look just like a simple crochet pattern. Shorter than double crochet, but longer than single crochet (That why half double crochet lor. =.=|||). Sorry.... Talk too much nonsense (ーー;)

Back side of mini coin pouch

Back side of the pouch! From the left to the right, a rainbow colors pouch, a very berry strawberry pouch, and a multi colors yarn pouch. Which one you prefer? *☆*☆*☆

Inside of mini coin pouch

Here's the look of my inside mini coin pouch. Now you know how mini my coin pouch, only can put one way bus fee from Penampang to K.K. (RM 1.20). Haha.... So when I go K.K., I need to take 2? Haiz... Really too small, can make it larger if you all want, just add more crochet then it will become bigger. (≧ ▽ ≦)

Okay. That's all. Already finish share my mini coin pouch. Above these two is my favourite mini coin pouch. Keke... Hope you all enjoy your weekends happily and meaningful. ~♥

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Puffy Cup Coasters

Yoohooo...... It's Saturday~* Oh yeah! Hope you all enjoy your precious weekends, don't waste it! ^^ Hmm... Most people at this time (Saturday and Sunday!) will go out "yam cha" and goOoOossip with friends rite? Haha....  Why don't have a cup of tea with me now? ∼(*´ω`*)♥

Let's have a seat! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

My office cup ^^

This one is mine. Haha... Because this is my own cup! If not wrong I buy it at Daiso Japan early of this year with my best friend. Aiks.... I notice that I'm really like to buy things at Daiso Japan. =.=|||  Yours? Hehe.... Wait ah, let me pour a tea for you. :-) .。oO

No owner cup

This is yours....Minnie Mouse cup! Haha... It's a free gift item from Darlie toothpaste (Don't know which year free gift). Actually this cup have 3 owners before. First, my ex-colleague > Second, me (Before I buy my own pink flower cup) > Third, Mabelbaobao (Few days ago she buy her own cup at Tokutoku). Now Minnie don't have owner already. So, who's the next to be her owner? LOL (*/▽\*)

Anyone notice that? Kekeke... Those 2 cups is on the coaster! Pretty? Nice? Owhh... Can't see clearly rite? Let's take a look. (≧ω≦)

Soft colors coaster

This coaster I used 3 (or 4) soft colors yarn to crochet it. For those who have seen my small crochet bag post, then you will know what I mean. I only used one yarn but have  3 (or 4) colors to complete it. Here's my small crochet bag link: ㅇㅅㅇ

Colorful coaster

Wow.... Colorful leh! Yup, another rainbow colors handmade I have made. The patterns is unique compare to my others crochet handmade rite? It's called puff stitch. Puffy puffy? I learn this pattern from Youtube video uploader, tjw 1963. I really like her video tutorial, because she have upload left-handed crochet version! I remember that when I just started to learn crochet skills, I have a problem with those crochet tutorial books. Why? Because I'm left-handed! So I learn more slower than other people >.< Thanks to Teresa, I learn more easier than others from her. Here's the link for "Art of Crochet by Teresa - Baby Puff Stitch Crochet Hat" : ~ ^________^)

That's how those coasters whole look. Which one you like the most? o(⌒˛⌒ )o

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ruffled Wrist Warmers

Hello, October. See ya, September. In some country, weather already start to turn cold. Snowy! Yahooo~ (Myself imagine) Haiz, sad in Malaysia don't have four seasons, but these few days Sabah weather a bit weird, sometimes will have heavy rain and even strong wind too. Everyone must take care oh! Don't get blow away by winds ^ ^

Last week I saw a Youtube video tutorial for crochet wrist warmers. Here's the link:
After try to do these wrist warmers, really improve my crochet skills. Actually, a simple single crochet combine with double crochet can do many different handwork. Let's show you all how my wrist warmers looks after watch the video.  

Rainbow wrist warmer

Tada! It's rainbow wrist warmer~ Haha....  Ok mah? It's a bit different if compare with the video tutorial, I change some patterns. Any comments on my handwork? Please leave any comments on this post below or just write on my right side of chat blog. (@⌒ー⌒@)ノ  I'm accept any comments.

After wear it...

Lol. It's Mabelbaobao hand!. ㅋㅋㅋ Actually she is not really typing, she's acting~ Bleh. ♪ Those seven rainbow colors are using double crochet, while the black color which is near red color are single crochet. To make it larger (at blue color there) just add more double crochet then it will become larger (depends on size of hand). While other side black color, it's combination of double crochet and single crochet. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Double crochet pattern

Let's zoom in to look more clearly how double crochet look like. Double crochet more longer than single crochet, so sometimes if my lazZzy bugs come, I will do double crochet to complete my handwork, because more faster to complete it. Lol. Anyone also like that too? But double crochet will more loose than single crochet. If pull it, there's a large gap between each crochet. (⌒▽⌒)

So for those who always feel cold, can try to do it! But I think everyone sure will wear sweater better. (⌒-⌒; ) Okay! That's all I want to show you all today! Thanks again to Mabelbaobao, now I know how to let those picture not blur if I larger it. Bye bye ~ See you! < (*.*<)