Friday, September 30, 2011

Naruko, Goes To Green

Annyeong~* This week a little little little bit busy, everyone in audit firm sure know that this week is deadline for Company financial year ended February 2011. OK, everything is over, it's all memories! Let's start a new month, October with "beautiful journey".(◍•ᴗ•◍)

This post will show my colleague, also my blog photographer (Mabelbaobao) DIY. ^ ^ Since Mabelbaobao so lazZzZzy to write a post, so I will "help" her. I'm very nice leh! Kekeke. Now you know...Well, last week she bought Naruko facial skin care products. Then we notice that (Thanks to Irene, if she didn't inform Mabelbaobao, I think she won't know it.) Naruko products box actually can do something. What something I mean? Let's take a look! (´Д` )♡


Outside of these Naruko facial skin care product boxes look like just a simple boxes. Inside those boxes are the most important parts. Do some advertise, Mabelbaobao said that this brand nice and moisture after used it. In Taiwan show, "女人我最大" also recommend this brands too. For those pretty girl who interested to Naruko brand products, please gently click:  for more information. ~ʕ•̫͡•ʔ❤ʕ•̫͡•ʔ


Inside these boxes are creative and well look picture to DIY pencil box and pencil case. It's nice idea right? Can recycle, fun and useful too ! All you needs to complete it are scissors, stapler/glue, and small knife. All these items can get from your office ^.^! Inside of each box have instructions to teach how do it in step by step. No worries, it's very easy. Even don't understand what it's wrote, look at the picture also know what to do! (ΘωΘ)


Tada! Pretty leh !. You see, really can put things inside. If you all see clearly, below those boxes have a small paper, those are instructions paper what I mention just now. It's really fun and feels good after finish it by yourself. Everyone can do it if you really want to do it !~o(^-^)o

Please go Green with me!
Lastly, please Go Green, Think Green, and Act Green to safe our Earth! We must do it even just a small actions. For example, when go shopping to buy goods, why don't use a recycle bag? Just bring a recycle bag along would not waste a lot of your space in your handbag right? (Forget to bring wor.... ㅠㅠ")Hmm... Then just make a habit to think that recycle bag are as important as your wallet. You would not forget to bring your wallet go shopping right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ GoGoGo!~*

Mabelbaobao Twitter link:!/mabelbaobao

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fancy pouch

Hello~* This time I will show my handmade which is made from felt. For more information about felt, please Google search! ♥  

Daiso Japan Felt Kit Fancy Pouch

Due to my sewing skills very poor, so I went to Daiso Japan buy a felt kit to try my sewing skill until which level. Well, everyone know that, Daiso Japan goods all sold RM 5. ^ ^ After open it, I found out that the felt quality very nice. Its soft and also same color as the picture. I'm sure will try to buy another type of felt kit at Daiso Japan.      ( ´ ▽ ` )

My Fancy Pouch

Jang! This is my own fancy pouch. How is it? Hehe... Nice? Inside the felt kit have provide felts, embroidery threads, buttons, and lace. While items which need to provide by self are scissors and needle. Same as the cover picture right? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Inside the Pouch

This is how it looks inside the pouch. A bunch of thanks to my colleague, Mabelbaobao (Bow*) who picture my pouch so pretty. She really put a lot of afford to picture it, even put some items inside the pouch to make it look more nice.  (Thumbs up*)           d( ̄  ̄)

Makeup kit Pouch

Lol. Those makeup kits is not mine. I only use lip balm to prevent my lips dry until bleed, that really pain. Okay! Back to pouch, actually this pouch is used to put makeup kit (wrote on the felt kit cover), but I'm not going to put it. Hmm.... maybe use it to put tissues? @_@

Love is on the Air~*

Actually those love shape felts is my own creation. Because after finish the pouch, inside looks very plain. So my itchy hand sew some love on it. No need to draw the love shape line on the felt, just simply cut those love shape out from felt and sew it.

Backside of the Pouch

Let's look at the backside. It's surrounded by 2 laces. Those laces provided quality nice also, its really suitable to the pouch. Did you see that? I even sew my name inside the pouch. Hahahah... It's on the right of the blue love... "Yee" =.="

Blanket Stitch

Did you notice my pouch side? It's a blanket stitch. Above the picture is the paper which teach you how to do the blanket stitch, backside of the page have English version. This is the part which waste most of my time to do it. I tried many times but still can't get the same stitch as the cover picture. Fortunately, I found out that Youtube have kind uploader who upload how to sew blanket stitch. 
Here is the link:
Let's try it! ⊙▽⊙

Lastly, thank you for those who come to visit my house. Sorry the picture is so small, it will blur if I larger it. This is my first time to write blog, so please be kind if anything are wrong. Please leave any comments on my "It's Tea Time Chat", I will try improve it next time. Let's try our best! Fighting~*
Photograph by: Mabelbaobao (!/mabelbaobao)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Small crochet bag

Jang Jang Jang! A small crochet bag. I use it to put my nails art kit. It's double side bag, can turnover to use ("Turnover for what?" Well, patterns not same oh!) Hehe~ Nice mah? My colleague suggest me to make some pockets. Hmm... (LazZzzzy.....) will try it next time. ʕ•̫͡•ིʔྀ

Zoom Zoom Zoom! This is how the patterns look. Yup! Its 3 colors, this time i used 3 colors yarn. Red, purple and white (Have little pink color if look closer. Tuuuu..... there there!). It's not same as last time I used to do rainbow hairband. I mean rainbow hairband is joined by myself with 7 different yarns. While this one is only one yarn with 3(Or 4) colors. So that why the bag color like that. If I use green, then this bag will look like an army bag. Lol.

Hmm...The handle I used the same yarn with dark blue and sky blue colors yarns as handle side. I used 2 yarns together (Dark blue and sky blue), so the colors outcome will be like this (Good experience!). Sorry, the picture not very clear, if I make the picture more large, it will very blur. ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Kya! Dun focus on the toilet paper. Haha... This whole bag I already used around 2 rolls of yarn. The price of yarn is RM 5 per roll (Mei Lo, Centre Point). While that rainbow hairband is around RM 1.50 (Leton, Segama). Very expensive rite? RM 5 that one. Hehe.... BUT! 一分钱,一分货, that RM 5 yarn quality quite nice and the roll much bigger. So total of direct cost is around RM 10 (exclude transportation fee, sky blue color yarn, dark blue color yarn, and crochet tools). Ok ok, now not doing accounts. Just make for fun. Next time I will try to use yarns at Daiso Japan, if someone wan gift to me, I never mind de. Kekeke... joking only lah! 

Lastly, thanks to my lovely colleague,
Mabelbaobao (She borrow me her IPhone for taking picture),
Meitzeu (She teach me how to write a better blog), below is her blog link. For those who are hungry now dun click it!      
and also my friends (You know lah!) who give me ideas and supports. Muaks ^ ^

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rainbow hair band

Rainbow hair band! Haha... Need around 2 hours (so slow) and used my leftover yarns to make it. 7 colors I used. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, and violet colors.  

It's a simple, thin hair band inside, then i used my crochet skills and yarns to surround the band (Red color).
Next, i used single crochet for other colors. : )

That not me! Haha... I'm short hair actually. ^_^ Plus, I dun have camera. Sob sob. So I bring the hair band to office and borrow my colleague IPhone to take picture. This is how the band look like when my colleague tie it. I want IPhone too! Next year bah, get bonus first. Lol. : p

That all! See ya!